P.A. 4 / S.O. 4.1 - N. 44

#DynaMob 2.0

Dynamic MOBILITization 2.0

Project Summary

#DynaMob 2.0 aims to promote the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport in the Programme area, focusing on electric car sharing and bike sharing. The project wants to improve public infrastructures (points for electric supply vehicles) and eco-services (bike-sharing) for road transportation in the municipality areas, introduce eco-innovative technologies in traditional transport with low impact, promote a network between municipalities and public administrations for policies peer-review,  and increase citizens’ awareness about smart and green mobility. The desired result is to make cities more attractive and sustainable.


Total budget 839.500,00 EUR
EU Contribution IPA co-financing 85%
Duration 2018 / 2020

Main Outputs

-    Dyn-APP mobility app
-    #DynaMob 2.0 integrated action plan 
-    #DynaMob 2.0 roads
-    Cross border bike-sharing on site action

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Comune di Copertino (IT) - Contacts: Cosimo Lupo - assessorecultura[at]comune.copertino.le.it
Project Partners
  1. Agenzia Formativa Ulisse (IT)
  2. Opština Budva (ME)
  3. Comune di Campobasso (IT)
  4. Dhoma e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë, Tiranë (AL)
  5. Bashkia Skrapar (AL)
Associated Partners
  1. Bashkia Tiranë (AL)