Meeting in Budva _ 30th July 2019
30 July 2019
The Municipality of Budva to Acquire a Smartphone App Through #DynaMob 2.0

On Tuesday 30th July, the Municipality of Budva organized a workshop on the EU projects in which the city is involved.

To date, the Municipality of Budva’s International Cooperation and European Integration Office has managed to secure a total of 205.000€ to advance its sustainable development goals – 175.000€ of which gotten through donations and the remaining 30.000€
from its own funds. The bulk of this sum, some 132.000€ in amount, was granted by the European Commission through its trilateral Interreg-IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro program, whereas the remainder was acquired courtesy of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Obtaining these financial resources facilitated the realization of projects such as #DynaMob 2.0, “Budva Go Green”, “European Mobility Week”, “Ecological Certificate of Acommodation”, the procurement of two electric vehicle charging stations, technical support for the reconstruction of the public lighting system, as well as other initiatives directly relevant to the Municipality’s touristic, infrastructural and sustainable developmental capacities.

In the #Dynamob 2.0 project, the Municipality of Buudva is responsible for the development of the Dyn-APP, a smartphone application that will feature quality, up-to-date information on all of Budva’s most pertinent municipal services. The latest public transportation schedule, walking, hiking and cycling and recommended travel routes, data on parking space availability, as well as
information on weather, hotels, touristic spots and other information of value to the City’s residents and tourists will all be made accessible through Dyn-APP. A presentation including Dyn-APP’s demo version can be found on the Municipality’s website (
In the coming months, the Municipality of Budva’s project team will focus its efforts on identifying and adequately preparing two fully sustainable travel routes, to be designated for the exclusive use of pedestrians and cyclists.